Posted on 23-Oct-2018

Elements Emollient Body Cream

Enriched with Pure Shea Butter & Emollient Actives helps make your & your family skin supple, soft & healthy. It also protects the sensitive skin from minor irritation & redness because of their soothing & hydrating effect. It is Anti-Inflammatory.

Minerals and Multivitamin Complex
Helps to stimulate cell regeneration to restore skin vitality and freshness. Unique blend of Zinc, Magnesium & Copper in the Mineral Complex helps to regulate sebum.

Apply all over body, ideally after bath, in morning and at night.

Emollient Lotions have Shea Butter but not in Cream format. Plus, our product has additional emollients apart from Shea butter as well as multivit complex and minerals for unique benefits.